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complete this after completing the one i posted.

Choose a 100-200 word piece of your story and revise it to include alliteration like in the original poem. Try to fit four to five similar consonant sounds into each sentence.

submit them in two different ms words.

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Apply Characterization The story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight presents an ideal archetype of medieval British heroes and culture. Write a short story of 1,500 words or more, in which you adapt the character of Sir Gawain and the legend's main conflict to modern times. Incorpo- rate interior monologue to develop and deepen your characterization. Prewrite Review the excerpt from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, noting the important elements of the conflict and of Gawain's character. Then write in your journal an idea for a modern situation and setting for your short story Draft Keeping in mind the elements of conflict and characterization that you will recreate, use a story map to flesh out your setting, characters, and sequence of events. Locate your events in specific places, choosing concrete sensory details that bring those places to life. Settings: Soccer field (fresh-cut grass, strong winds, bright sun), school hallways (crowded, noisy, hot) Characters: Gawain (high school soccer forward, honorable, brave, modest); Greene (goalie for a rival school, vicious, taunting) Problem/conflict: Greene challenges Gawain to a kickoff to see who is the better soccer player. Main events: Gawain wins the kickoff, agrees to another one in one year A "friend" of Greene's tries to get Gawain to cheat but he refuses. He does accept a good-luck jersey. Climax: The second kickoff between Gawain and Greene (use inter- nal monologue showing Gawain's thoughts) Resolution: Greene reveals that he was the "friend," and knows Gawain took the good-luck jersey. Gawain apologizes, and the two agree to be friends and equals.
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