Sharing "Small Wins" (continue from previous assignment)

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Develop a newsletter, executive summary, or presentation that communicates a "small win" in your change strategy implementation to stakeholders in the organization. The "small win" can be factual or fictional, but should align with the proposed change strategy from assignments in week one through week three. In the presentation, include the following:

a. A description of your change strategy

b. An explanation of your "small win"

c. Benefits of the win

d. Shared value for all stakeholders

e. Relevant data and results

f. How the win will be publicized and to whom

g. Next steps for making continuous progress

Lastly, explain how your presentation or summary aligns with best-practices for leading organizational change. If you choose to create a presentation, you can utilize Powerpoin or Prezi. Another option is to create a newsletter or executive summary using Microsoft Word. You must use at least one additional source and having it APA for all formatting, citations, and references. Include an introduction and conclusion as well. 

I have attached week one and two assignments below and the week three is what is current being tasked out to you. 

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