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We have seen how the New Testament is as much a library as it is a single book. Within this miniature early Christian library we find a diversity of positions on any number of theological, ecclesiastical, and social positions. Compose a 5- to 6-page essay which, in great detail, demonstrates the type of diversity that can be found within these 27 books on one or more issues of importance to early Christian authors. Example issues might include (but are not limited to): theological conceptions of Jesus, the nature of human salvation, the role of women in the Church, the status/function of the Jewish law, Church organization, etc.

A strong essay will appeal heavily to New Testament and early Christian literature and will cite at least one passage from each of the following "groups" of NT texts:

1. The Synoptic Gospels

2. The Gospel of John or 1-3 John

3. The Undisputed Pauline Letters

4. The Deutero-Paulines/Pastoral Epistles

5. James, 1 and 2 Peter, Jude, Hebrews

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Surname 1
A. The Synoptic Gospels
1. First-century Judaism in the book of Mathew
a. Inception of Jesus
b. The Mosaic Law
2. The Last Days of Jesus in the Book of Mark
3. How look focuses on oppressed groups, women, poor and social ethics
B. The Book of John
1. Distinction from the other Synoptic gospels

Focusing on the humanistic side of Christ

3. Understanding of miracles as signs leading to faith actualization
C. The Undisputed Epistles
1. Suffering and Christian living
2. The road to salvation
3. Faith as the only means of attaining salvation and not deeds
4. The topic marriage and divorce
D. Pastoral Epistles
1. The theme of Leadership
a. Importance of love among leaders
b. Importance of prayer
c. Biblical principles for a good leader
E. James, 1 and 2 Peter, Jude, Hebrews
1. The foundations of Christian living
a. Withstanding trials and temptation

Surname 2
b. The day of judgment
2. The issue of false teachers and means of dealing with them
3. Christ’s teachings as roadmap to overcoming misguidance


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Instructor’s Name
Diversity in the New Testament
In the New Testament, it is in the synoptic gospels that readers of the Bible come across
overlapping recordings of more or less the same events and figures. Thus, Mathew, Mark, Luke,
and John have a lot in common, providing a glimpse of the life of Christ and his disciples.
However, each of the synoptic gospels has a particular point of emphasis despite the similarities
they share. For example, the first book of the Bible, Mathew, tends to focus on how Jesus Christ
fulfills the early prophecies, hence emphasizing first-century Judaism. The inception of Jesus and
his connection to the Jewish genealogy, Torah emphasis, and mentioning of the church are
elaborated in Mathew than any of the other synoptic Gospels (Mathew chapter 1 through chapter
6). In addition, the book illustrates how Jesus presents new precepts that free individuals from
those of Moses.
The gospel of Mark follows, and it is evident that Luke and Mathew borrow some of their
accounts from the book. A unique element about Mark is its decision to focus on the last days of
Christ, read in chapters 11 to 16. Mark highlights Christ as a miracle worker, healer, and hero ...

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