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iv just brought a 1989 ford escort xr3i efi, it was fine for a while then 1 morning i was letting it warm up for about 5 mins i then gave it a little rev and it cut out its now just coughing n splutering and a pop comes from air filter when trying to rev it iv changed coil pack, plugs and leads and its still doing it. please help me!

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Check ignition pulse sensor. Pull out one of plug and then check for the spark plug consistency. I am not sure if camshaft positioning sensor is installed in 89, but if it is you may want to check it also.

One last thing to check if there is fuel going into your injectors. If no fuel, check your fuel pump and make sure it is not faulty.

pop coming out from filter is normally cause by retard timing, and in electronic ignition car the timing is govern by the camshaft sensor and then adjusted on the distributor.

Good luck to you.

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