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this is not an essay crafted. Attached is the guidelines with the questions for this assignment. You will have to read about 35 pages that i have attached to be able to answer the questions.

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Question No # 1
Sorrow is knowledge” says Manfred The line alludes to the expressions of the
Ecclesiastes, in any case, it takes the announcement of the Bible above and beyond: it is cap
learning brings distress, as well as that distress interprets as information. This overlooks Byron's
minor departure from the subject and stays reliable with the explanation in the Bible (Act-I,

Question No # 2

The Manfred is encountered with seven spirits Earth, Ocean, Air, Night, Mountain, Wind,
and Star and the seventh spirit represents the soul of Manfred. They ask him what he needs, and
he requests forgetfulness (Act-I, Scene-I). It was not possible for Spirits to fulfill his wish as they
can offer only "Kingdom, and sway, and quality, and length of days," however not the
forgetfulness and obscurity he looks for.

Question No # 3

Manfred wants forgetfulness due to his unnamed crime as he is in love with his sister,
probably the both love each other and that love led to her death. ...

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