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This is an finance class from University of Phoenix


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Provide students with a basic understanding of financial management, goal of the firm, and the basic financial statements. Students should be able to calculate and analyze solvency, liquidity, profitability and market value ratios, and create proforma financial statements.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Tutorial help on Excel® and Word functions can be found on the Microsoft®Office website. There are also additional tutorials via the web that offer support for office products.

Complete the following Questions and Problems (Concepts and Critical Thinking Questions for Ch. 1 Only) from each chapter as indicated.

Show all work and analysis.

Prepare in Microsoft® Excel® or Word.

  • Ch. 1: Questions 3 & 11 (Concepts Review and Critical Thinking Questions section)
  • Ch. 2: Questions 4 & 9 (Questions and Problems section): Microsoft® Excel® template provided for Problem 4.
  • Ch. 3: Questions 4 & 7 (Question and Problems section)
  • Ch. 4: Questions 1 & 6 (Questions and Problems section): Microsoft® Excel® template provided for Problem 6.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines if submitting in Microsoft® Word.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


  • Ch. 1: Questions 3 & 11 (Concepts Review and Critical Thinking Questions section)

3. Corporations [LO3] What is the primary disadvantage of the corporate form of organization? Name at least two advantages of corporate organization.

11. Goal of the Firm [LO2] Evaluate the following statement: Managers should not focus on the current stock value because doing so will lead to an overemphasis on short-term profits at the expense of long-term profits.

Ch. 2: Questions 4 & 9 (Questions and Problems section): Microsoft® Excel® template provided for Problem 4.

4. Per-Share Earnings and Dividends [LO1] Suppose the firm in Problem 3 had 90,000 shares of common stock outstanding. What is the earnings per share, or EPS, figure? What is the dividends per share figure?

9. Calculating Additions to NWC [LO4] The 2014 balance sheet of Steelo, Inc., showed current assets of $4,630 and current liabilities of $2,190. The 2015 balance sheet showed current assets of $5,180 and current liabilities of $2,830. What was the company’s 2015 change in net working capital, or NWC?

  • Ch. 3: Questions 4 & 7 (Question and Problems section)

4. Calculating Inventory Turnover [LO2] The Green Corporation has ending inventory of $417,381, and cost of goods sold for the year just ended was $4,682,715. What is the inventory turnover? The days’ sales in inventory? How long on average did a unit of inventory sit on the shelf before it was sold?

7. DuPont Identity [LO4] If Roten Rooters, Inc., has an equity multiplier of 1.15, total asset turnover of 2.10, and a profit margin of 6.1 percent, what is its ROE?

  • Ch. 4: Questions 1 & 6 (Questions and Problems section): Microsoft® Excel®template provided for Problem 6.

1. Simple Interest versus Compound Interest [LO1] First City Bank pays 8 percent simple interest on its savings account balances, whereas Second City Bank pays 8 percent interest compounded annually. If you made a deposit of $9,000 in each bank, how much more money would you earn from your Second City Bank account at the end of seven years?

6. Calculating Interest Rates [LO3] Assume the total cost of a college education will be $320,000 when your child enters college in 18 years. You presently have $67,000 to invest. What annual rate of interest must you earn on your investment to cover the cost of your child’s college education?

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School: Boston College

Hey, I did not put question 6 in the excel file since the template is not the correct one (I even redownloaded it from the portal). It is not related at all to the question. So question 6 is in the word documentOtherwise I will be waiting for your feedback. have a nice time :)


Financial Management
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Chapter One
3. Corporations [LO3]
A corporation pays taxes twice in what is known as double taxation. Since it is a
separate entity, a corporation pays taxes on its net income and the dividends to
shareholders are also taxed since they are considered income of separate individuals.
A corporation allows for easy and quick transfer of ownership in form of shares and is
therefore unaffected by the monetary problems of few owners.
The shareholders in a corporation have limited liability in the corporation. In case the
corporation loses all its money, debts cannot be paid out of the shareholders other
11. Goal of the Firm [LO2]
Maximizing stock value is the goal of financial management. Since stockholders are
the owners of the company, managers should act in the interest of shareholders by
maximizing the current stock value. Managers should ...

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