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1. Describe your current state of health. Identify your health risks based on normal family history. Identify at least one actual or potential health problem. (Note that you may be in good health at this time, but being a student may pose certain health risks or stressors that require prevention type activities to maintain a high level of wellness.

2. Describe your personal and family health related strengths and assets. (make it up)

3. Describe any environmental or social factors that contribute to your current state of health.

4. Describe the state of health that you desire and identify at least one health goal. Also include the projected date for reaching this goal.

5. Describe forces that might hinder or help you reach your goal.

6. Describe the plans/actions needed to meet your goal. Be as specific as possible when writing about the goals and actions. Include dates and times for performing the actions. For example, “I will walk 30 minutes a day, three times a week for two months.”

7. Explain the rationale for the plans/actions selected. Your rationale should be based on scientific principles and/or health promotion theory.


Write 2-3 pages in APA style, with at least three scientific resources to support your planned actions. You must include all of the resources cited in this paper. Remember the scholarly/professional resources

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