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One must know that successful companies are successful because they have implemented a solid Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) system and this gives them a competitive advantage. Now that we have discussed what EPM is and we have also seen the importance of gathering and interpreting data, we now need to Debate and Commit in order to move forward. Remember the idea is to implement EPM correctly in order to develop a competitive advantage.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that explains how the elements of people fit into the EPM process.

Analyze the process and explain the structure that can be used to record the alternative scenarios.

Describe the six management operating steps of Debating.

Explain the inputs and outputs of the Commit process, and interpret accountability.

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People fit into the EPM process in a constantly changing regulatory environment; they must
respond rapidly to new needs and provide faster, more accurate insights to all stakeholders.
Optimize the financial close— EPM assists the people in streamlining the financial close and
generating financial reports with confidence and understanding. Account reconciliation should be
made more efficient—Account reconciliation is the most common cause of non-data-related
delays in the financial closing process (John Wiley, 1969). Utilizing automation and thoroughly
addressing the security and risk issues usually connected with this process, Enterprise
Performance Management (EPM) allows you to efficiently manage and improve global account
The process and explain the structure that can be used to record the alternative scenarios
There are several different types of alternative scenarios. When you challenge your
assumptions about the future and base your plans and actions on the most likely outcomes, you
increase the likelihood that your decisions will be sound, even if circumstances change. Thus, to
make better judgments or to plan your business strategy, you should challenge your assumptions
about the future. This is where scenario EPM analysis comes in. Exploring various possible
scenarios allows you to identify potent...

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