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Deliverable 7 professional identity of the nurse leader theory **** YOU RE A NURSE AT A CORPORATE FACILITY THAT HAS A CHRISTIAN CENTERED MISSION STATEMENT – HEALING THROUGH CHRISTS LOVE Competency • • • • • • Evaluate leadership and management attributes that support critical decisions for nursing practice. Explain the complexity of organizational systems and their impact on healthcare delivery. Apply quality improvement processes utilizing data from outcome measures in the clinical microsystem. Analyze leadership and management principles that guide supervision of nursing care. Apply principles of professional identity and professionalism. Integrate creative leadership and management strategies to facilitate change. Student Success Criteria View the grading rubric for this deliverable by selecting the “This item is graded with a rubric” link, which is located in the Details & Information pane. Scenario You were recently promoted to a new leadership position and the organization wants to interview for an article to introduce you to the team. They have provided you with some focus areas to prepare for inclusion in the article. Instructions In a Word document, prepare the following responses for the article: • • • • • • • • Insights into how your core values influence your professional identity. Discuss your leadership attributes that you would like to develop addressing both leadership and management responsibilities. Organizational structure diagram that reflects the roles and responsibilities of professional nurse leaders in the micro, meso and macro levels of operation that begins with a mission, vision, and philosophy statement directed at improving client health outcomes. Techniques and strategies needed to identify and quantify quality issues that impact outcomes in the clinical microsystem. Apply standards to favorably impact a quality improvement initiative. Describe how communication techniques to include staffing assignment challenges, delegation, supervision, and prioritization impact the improvement of quality as a nurse leader within the context of a multi and interdisciplinary team. Incorporate how change theory is influenced by environmental and cultural dynamics Provides stated ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar. APA < SCHOLARLY
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Nursing Leadership Outline
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Core Values Influence on Professional Identity

Values are fundamental to the practice of nursing as a recently selected nursing leader.
Established values are crucial to the development of professional identity and dedication
in this respect.

According to Poorchangizi et al. (2019), values are behavioral norms that specialists and
expert organizations favor and provide contexts for conduct evaluation in a line of work.

Joseph et al. (2021) suggested that the professional identity for nursing is an integral part
of a holistic personality, impacted by the relationships and subjective encounters of
caregivers with everyone.

Professional identity in nursing (PIN) is associated with a notion of oneself in connecting
an individual to everyone else shaped by nursing specialty attributes, standards, and
professional values leading to an individual's thought, action, and emotions. In my view,
the engagement of nursing workers is one of the main areas of effect as a healthcare leader.
Leadership Attributes for Leadership and Management Responsibilities.

In the practical experiences of nursing, nurse leadership performs a key role and affects the
overall healthcare system. As leaders are faced with difficulties that must be addressed
through critical thinking on a daily basis, they need to make crucial choices that can affect
the lives of patients (Al-Dossary, 2017).

The rationale is that if leading is vital for productivity, followership is concerned with it.
It is an essential attribute that requires the willingness to take exemplary leadership, be a
part of a process, and live up to what is anticipated (Khan et al., 2019).


It is my impression that the requirement for resolving conflict in a place of work ought
never to be treated lightly, especially by nurse leaders.

Competent nurse leaders need to have the necessary capabilities to resolve teammates'
disputes before negatively influencing staff output by learning how to establish consensus
(Ibrahim et al., 2018).
Organizational Diagram

Mission: The purpose is to enhance the standard of health for all individuals of our
community by providing a compassionate recovery environment for patients and their

Vision: To be a recognized Christian community organization known for providing
superior patient treatment and wellness interventions that satisfy the healthcare
requirements of the whole community.

We believe in taking responsibility to create a positive example in the workplace. To
accomplish this, it is important for the organization and its leadership to be accessible,
approachable, and highly visible.



Safety & culture
Protocol &
Planning &


Managerial skills
Mental resilience
Physical resilience


Techniques And Strategies Regarding Impact Outcomes in the Clinical Microsystem.

Microsystems are vital components of the care ecosystem, and they can be encountered
virtually anywhere.

Patients, clinicians, support workers, data, and procedures all congregate in a microsystem
for the mission of delivering treatment.

Rigorous information analysis and outcome measures; meeting deadlines; establishing a
structured microsystem team; including social element components; generating an
executable strategy; efficiently sharing information goals and progress; exploring
numerous different entities; and constructing an interdisciplinary approach are some of the
most outstanding suitable initiatives and processes that have an impact results in a
microsystem (Bender, 2016; O’Leary et al., 2019).
Quality Improvement Initiative Standards in Care Setting.

Strengthening the provision of treatment and patient security measures can help enhance
health service mechanisms, boost healthcare process effectiveness, and speed up the
achievement of healthcare objectives.

Addressing the interests and choices of patients has proven a critical component of
strengthening care delivery, increasing patient contentment, and obtaining improved
clinical outcomes.

Evidence suggests that a w...

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