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1. This should be addressed to Shayla Hackett response should be a minium of 75 words Recidivism is considered one of the most fundamental concepts within the criminal justice system. Recidivism refers to the relapse into criminal behavior. This relapse in crime usually takes place within three years following a prisoner release that results in reconviction or return to prison or jail. The rehabilitation of prisoners upon their release, is said could prevent the rearrests of these said prisoner. Rehabilitation can include but not limited to: job training, support networks, etc. (Justice, 2014).

Bureau of Justice did a study of 404,638 prisoners within 30 states, that were released in 2005. The study showed that within three years of their release, 2/3 of these individuals were arrested; in five years 76.6% were arrested. Out of these prisoners more than 50% were rearrested within the first year. There could have been ways to prevent this by giving these prisoner support before release date and thereafter. compiled list of support programs by state after having numerous request for help of family members that had incarcerated relatives that were due for release (, 2016).

There are laws in place that are to target repeat offenders. “Three Strike” rule is in place, if a repeat offender with two previous felony charges is charged with another felony of a similar nature, there will be a tougher sentence. There are pros and cons to this rule.


  • Reductions of Crime rates- Habitual offenders are removed from society. Also, makes individual think twice before committing a crime.
  • Gives society a piece of mind that local and federal governments are doing their part of keeping criminals off the streets.


  • The more offenders that are incarcerated with the three-strike law, the higher the expenses for the court and prison systems.
  • Budget for the police force decreases the more money that is needed for the prison system.
  • Unfair practices when nonviolent criminals are given harsh sentences for a repeat offense.

With all that said, I believe that more focus should be placed on rehabilitation of those that are incarcerated. With more focus on rehabilitation, it allows prisoner to become functional members of society and less likely to become repeat offenders. Overall this helps society, government budgets, and the individuals that being released. 2. This should be addressed to Sherri Boyd response should be a minium of 75 words “Recidivism a tendency to relapse into a previous condition or mode of behavior; especially: relapse into criminal behavior ("Recidivism | Definition of Recidivism by Merriam-Webster," n.d.). “Institutional programs designed to prepare offenders to reenter society can include education, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, job training, counseling, and mentoring. These programs are more effective when they are centered on a full diagnostic and assessment of offenders” (Travis, 2000). Some of these programs are offered prior to the release by community-based agencies which are equipped to provide after-care and follow-up with the offenders following their release from confinement”.

Some of these programs are designed to assist offenders in preparing for their release from confinement by helping them get more familiar with the outside world. Do you think more focus should be placed on rehabilitative programs? Yes, in my opinion I feel more focus should be on these types of programs. The reason is to resolve psychological problems such as substance abuse or aggression that might interfere with their reintegration into society. Many inmates received court sentences that mandated treatment for such problems. "Ex-prisoners who are able to secure a legitimate job, particularly higher quality positions with higher wages are less likely to commit another crime and return back to jail". Employment is often seen as a cornerstone of successful reintegration into the community after incarceration (Petersilia, 2009).

“Three strikes and you’re out” law is the most notorious example of the wave of mandatory sentencing policies that many states enacted beginning in the late 1970s” (Sutton, 2013). Pros of the Tree Strike law is that crime rates has dropped. It includes harsher punishments for career criminals and better piece of mind for citizens. Cons, the cost to the courts and the prison system increases by up to 50 percent. The prisons become overcrowded which could lead to the release of other criminals not on the three strike rule.

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