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You recently graduated and have been hired by Coca-cola. Your first task is to take a thorough view of the company's existing operations and begin the formation of a business plan.

For the  Executive Summary and Company Summary, complete the following tasks:

Executive Summary

  1. Company Name
  2. Mission Statement
  3. Business Goals
  4. Keys to Success
  5. Ethical and Legal Issues

Company Summary

  1. Company Ownership or Legal Entity
  2. Management Structure
  3. Products and Services
  4. Location and Facilities
  5. Suppliers
  6. Service
  7. Financial Management

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Coca Cola Company Summary

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Executive Summary
Mission Statement
Coca-Cola Company's mission is to ensure the customers' minds, bodies, and souls are refreshed,
take part in activities that inspire the customers to be happy by creating joyous moments, and
ensure to make a difference and add value. It is highly focused on creating a positive legacy as a
company and as a brand. The main focus is creating happy moments for the customers while
simultaneously inspiring good values to both people and the community (Mission Statement,
2021). It improves the lives of the people by offering quality products manufactured with the
customers' health in mind. The company supports community programs in the core fields, such
as health and infrastructure. It strives to exceed the expectations of the customers by offering
unique and innovative products.
Business Goals
The company's main business goals include improving productivity and efficiency in
their facilities while cutting down operational costs to boost their profit margins. They also
aspire to adopt environmentally friendly production methods to manufacture bottles to support
sustainability vision as described in The Coca-Cola Company website. Another goal of the
company is to invest in other innovative products and services to ensure diversification regarding
the needs and requirements of their customers.
Keys to Success
Coca-Cola has cultivated it brand for many years, winning the hearts of many customers
globally. The love people have for the company is attributed to their interest and involvement in
the people's lives with passion (Coca-Cola Company, n.d). They are also adored due to their
innovative products supported by unique ingredients, special designs, and exceptional marketing

strategies. Their ability to reach both local and foreign clients has given them an edge over their
competitors. They also have a special relationship with their bottling partners in developing and
producing unique products that positively sell the brand to the customers.
The sustainability ambitions of the company are also another key to its success. The
company has always sought ways to increase its sales and market share while reducing the sugar
levels in its beverages. The use of science and facts in development has helped boost th...

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