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FINAL PROJECT - Part Two - Bridging Theory and Practice Leadership Paper

The minimum requirements of the final project are:


Biography of the leader – 1 page

Contributions to society/organization – 2 pages

Analysis of their leadership behaviors and how they use “ the language of leadership” to motivate and persuade - 3 pages.

Specific recommendations, supported with academic references, to improve their leadership – 3 pages.

Summary and conclusions.

A minimum requirement of the paper is to identify specific behavior and refer to relevant theories to explain why the behaviors were appropriate or inappropriate in the situation faced by the leader. Both strengths and weaknesses of the leader should be identified. Issues of ethical leadership should be considered as well. The paper is not a biography.

The reference section should list a minimum of ten references. Use the format as outlined in APA.

The leadership paper is due by Day 6 of Week 11.

 The Farrakhan Factor: Minister Farrakhan demonstrated his immense leadership qualities by summoning more than 2 million Black men to the nation’s capital to show a collective will and commitment to rebuilding the Black communities. Minister Farrakhan contended that as black men, it was time for reconciliation, responsibility, and atonement.

I have chosen Minister Louis Farrakhan as the leader to use in my final project. Minister Farrakhan is the leader of the Nation of Islam. Minister Farrakhan is concerned with the social, political, and economic conditions of Black people in the United States. The Minister demonstrates his concern through activism and speaking truth to the power structure.  The Minister’s leadership style is based on the concept of servant leadership.   Servant leaders strive to advocate for the needs of followers, and assist them in achieving desired goals and objectives.  Servant leadership is effective because the servant leader has a history of serving and laboring (Hickman, 2010, p. 87). Members in the Nation understand the principle of leading by example through the work of the Minister.

Anyone who has observed Minister Farrakhan would come away describing him as highly intelligent and effective in communicating to any audience. The Minister has been known to be brutally honest.  Minister Farrakhan is a very humble and sincere individual.  He is ideal for advocating the cause of the poor and the oppressed, because of the shared experiences he has with poor and oppressed Americans. Although he fights primarily for Blacks, he is also a voice for all Americans and people the world over.  

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