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Now that you have learned about the eleven body systems in the human body, as well as the organs and functions that each contain, I would like you to pick your favorite body systems and begin to think about this body system in more detail.  In your response, include the following details.  

Please number your response from 1 to 4. 

  1. Include all the organs that make up this body system.
  2. Explain how each of the organ's function help achieve the overall function of the organ system you chose.
  3. Explain why this is your favorite body system.
  4. Give one disease that afflicts this body system and explains what specific organ or organ is affected by this disease.

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Eleven body systems in the human body
The 11 organ systems include

1. Integumentary system
2. Skeletal system
3. Muscular system
4. Lymphatic system
5. Respiratory system
6. Digestive system
7. Nervous system
8. Endocrine system
9. Cardiovascular system
10. Urinary system
11. Reproductive systems.
Cardiovascular system
The cardiovascular system is the transport system of the body.
This system has three components:

The heart
The blood vessel
And the blood itself.

The heart’s work is to pump blood throughout the body. The heart is located in between
the two lungs.
The respiratory systems perform a task together to move oxygen throughout the
body and wash out waste gases like carbon dioxide and del...

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