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Length:  3-5 typed pages (900-1500 words) “I only want 3 pages” 

The history of the Hebrews/Jews/Israelites is told through their relationship with YHWH. Choose one specific story we read for class (in Carvelho and in OT) after the patriarchs.  Give a critical explanation of how the history is told through the lens of the faith and not in the objective style we expect history be done today. You should ask critical questions regarding this history (did God really kill off all those Egyptian children?)  DEFEND YOUR ANSWERS!!!!? 

**  This IS NOT a research paper.  I do not want nor expect any research.  What we have read for class is sufficient.  So only citations from our texts (Carvelho and Bible) are expected.

I chose Abraham and Sarah story

you can ONLU USE the Bible & the 2 chapters of Carvelho I sent

Do NOT use outside resources 

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Abraham and Sarah

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Give a Critical Explanation of How History is told through the Lens of The Faith and
not in the Objective Style we Expect History to be Made Today
a. Ideally, historical accounts give timelines and background information of how
particular events took place and their related consequences when they
occurred. Notably, the primary feature of such a historical lens is the timeline
to which particular events took place.
b. For instance, the genealogy of Abraham's father, Terah, serves as a pivot point
of primaeval historical account and patriarchal narrative. The normal historical
styles would give an extensive background of how events took place before
exploring the current messages or before linking such events to the current
c. Moreover, multiple changes in the story occur, and the primary cause of such
changes is to align everything to the theme of faith or good undertaking. For
instance, the name of Abram changes to Abraham. Despite the same meaning,
the extension of the name is more holy. Moreover, such changes are effected
immediately based on faith and not as a normal historical approach that may
still need multiple debates. The story about Abraham and Sara does not
revolve around the two but rather their relationship with God and how God
expects them to live. God uses few to transform many. He uses Abraham and
Sarai to manifest himself to the entire Jewish nation. As earlier mentioned,
little is known about the background of Abraham and his family as this is not
the main focus of the story, but rather the relationship of God and Abraham.
Only basic information is given, including his migration, his wife's name, and
nephew Lot.

d. Faith comes with associated benefits. For instance, God promised Abraham
that he would make him the father of many nations if he obeys his commands
and live by the covenant. The approach of the story also assumes an ironic
twist since Abraham become fatherless for long before getting a child despite
becoming the father of many nations. This implies how the faith of one may
be placed into the test. One has to have a strong faith despite the life
circumstance they may be passing through since some sufferings are meant to
test the level of faith one has. For instance, despite God having God
relationship with Abraham, after the first covenant, drought strikes, making
Sarai relocate to Egypt. Does God want his people to die? No such suffering
must show his presence and why people should live according to the teaching
of the Bible and scriptures. All the covenant of God with Abraham, including
circumcision, represents a faith-based historical approach in the story.

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