WCU Alarm Fatigue One Alarm Management and Patient Safety Strategies Essay

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Alarm Fatigue

  1. Value alarm safety as a practice priority.
  2. Review the components and procedures of alarm management.
  3. Develop evidence-based alarm management practice strategies that will be integrated into one’s professional practice.

Alarms are intended to alert caregivers of potential patient problems. But if alarms are not properly managed, they can compromise patient safety.

After completing the assigned readings:

  • Respond in one strategy per level.
  • Develop one alarm management and patient safety strategies for each of the following levels of care:
    • Organizational
    • Unit
    • Individual caregiver
  • Review the rubric for more information on how your assignment will be graded.


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One Alarm Management and Patient Safety Strategies

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One Alarm Management and Patient Safety Strategies
Part of the patient safety strategy and alarm management procedure involves enacting
a wristband that has to be worn by all patients. The wristband has a cloud connectivity feature
and an alarm makeup which aids it to keep watch of the patient's health, including their
information and on time alert system whenever the patient is in a crucial condition, and that
helps prevent any potential complication.
The expertise required to make this alarm management system work includes a
computerized wrist band needed to screen the patient and share patient data in real-time,
sensors for noticing any variations in the patient’s condition, and a networking syste...

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