Creative Organizations and Strategic Change

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Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to provide students an opportunity to apply research definitions of a creative organization to real life examples.

Assignment Steps

Identify and discuss several global creative organizations using the criteria and descriptions in Ch. 10 and 11 of Mastering Leadership.

Include the strategic opportunities for change the organizations have. Each member must post at least two substantive comments (minimum 350 words each) to the learning team discussion area:

  • Discuss why those organizations could be considered as creative.
  • Provide information on at least 2 processes that can be used for strategic change.
  • Explore alternative views.
  • Post two substantive comments from each team member in this discussion.

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Creative Organizations
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A creative organization is a well-known organization which tries to help individuals, as well as
organizations attain the creative and also communications difficulties of the 21st century. This
creative organization does this by providing the organization and those individuals with seminars
and also workshops whereby different organization and individual appears in order to gain more
knowledge. This is courses which are mostly informed through experienced peoples and also
insight professionals who their main aim on this is to generate innovation on a day to day basis.
These seminars and workshops they mostly provide knowledge on various areas such as creative
problem-solving, branding and marketing, strategic storytelling, presentation skills and many
other ideas which are essential and useful in an organization (Moultrie, & Young, 2009).
In this chapter, there are various global creative organizations which are used to these criteria
and descriptions. These organizations they include that developed one like Telecommunication
Company, insurance company and IOS which is one...

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