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  • Chapter 1 Review Questions

    Read Chapter 1: Defining Human Communication and thoroughly answer the questions below.
    1. Why do we communicate?
    2. What is the Communication Process?
    3. What re the types of of Communication? What type do you enjoy the most and why?
    4. How can you become a more successful communicator? Why is this important to you?
    5. What does it mean to be an "Ethical Communicator"?
    6. Why is it important to understand the value of diversity in communications?
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  • Assignment

    Chapter 2 Review Questions

    Read Chapter 2: Having Communication in a Multicultural Society and World and thoroughly answer the questions below.
    1. Explain the Melting Pot Philosophy and how diversity is shaping the future of communication.
    2. Give a personal example of how multicultural communication has effected you.
    3. Discuss the issues related to ethnocentrism.
    4. What are the differences between high and low-context cultures.
    5. What are the challenges facing inter cultural communication?
    6. How can technology influence a community?
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Multicultural Communication

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Chapter 1 review questions
People communicate for a variety of reasons. They communicate with the intention of
sharing ideas and information, or people communicate to ask questions; to express themselves; to
create and establish social relationships; to comment, or to demonstrate social etiquette (source).
Despite the fact that people communicate for different reasons, a majority of communication
happens for social purposes. The communication process refers to the chain of actions that take
place in effective communication. In most cases, it begins with the sender coming up with the
information to convey. They then encode the message, before selecting the medium for delivery.
Next, the message travels through the medium, and is received by the receiver, who then
proceeds to decode the message. Finally, the receiver sends feedback.
There are different types of communication that people can use to convey message. For
instance, there is verbal communication which occurs as people speak. I prefer written
communication, and that is because writing is therapeutic while allowing one to communicate a
lot. Paying keen interest on the body language is an effective way of becoming a successful
communicator (Benediktsson & Ragnarsdottir, 2019). People convey a lot of information
through their facial expressions and body movements, and learning how to read them can
improve communication skills.
Ethical communication refers to communication that is based on given values or
principles. It is a fact-based type of communication that serves an ideal purpose, and is conveyed
in a responsible manner. An ethical communicator is mindful of their communication to ensure it

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