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  1. The chances that you will face ethical dilemmas in the workplace are almost certain. This is true for defense attorneys and prosecutors, too. Because of this, it is important to practice proper discretion. How will you analyze and solve the ethical dilemmas you face? Read and reflect on the Ethical Dilemmas exploration activities each week to help you complete this activity.Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper describing the ethical issues for prosecutors and defense attorneys. Answer the following:
    • What types of ethical violations and punishments have been associated with prosecutors and defense attorneys?
    • What are the explanations for prosecutorial misconduct? Provide real-world examples of prosecutorial misconduct. The Jodi Arias case is a great example of a prosecutor stretching the limits of what is proper conduct and what is a clear violation.
    • Should attorneys be punished more or less than the standard criminal defendants? Explain your answer.

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Ethical Violations and Punishment for Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys
Prosecutors and defense attorneys are an integral part of the United State’s criminal
justice system. As critical elements of the government’s pursuit for justice and truth, both
prosecutors and defense attorneys are expected to be fair in their pursuit of justice. However,
remaining fair can be challenging, especially without a proper code of ethics, as they are
constantly faced with moral and ethical issues that influence their decision-making.
The most common ethical violations relate to the defense attorney’s diligence,
competence, and confidentiality. Firstly, defense attorneys are expected to represent their clients
competently with adequate preparation. Therefore, their failure to meet the expected competency
standards is an express ethical violation. They should also maintain client confidentiality and
refrain from sharing confidential information with third parties. Releasing such information
constitutes ethical misconduct. The excessive discretiona...

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