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Discuss the effectiveness of the following sampling designs:

A research company obtains a sample for a focus group through organized groups such as church groups, clubs, and schools. The organizations are paid for securing respondents; no individual is directly compensated.

A citizen’s group interested in generating public and financial support for a new university basketball arena prints a questionnaire in area newspapers. Readers return the questionnaires by mail.

A department store that wishes to examine whether the store is losing or gaining customers draws a sample from its list of credit card holders by selecting every tenth name.

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Discuss the effectiveness of the following sampling designs:
Question 1
Focus groups are people who come together, whether in a church, school, or any social
setup. Qualitative research asks about their attitudes, ideas, and feelings towards a product or
an innovation (Leung & Savithiri, 2009). Focus groups are effective when improving a
service or a product, evaluating an outcome of an activity, and doing a pilot or launching a
product (Leung & Savithiri, 2009). To achieve the intended p...

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