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I’m studying for my Social Science class and need an explanation.

After watching the video, please share at least one thing that you liked, disliked, or have questions about. Provide as much detail as you like - you can include examples, personal experiences, etc.

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Some of the things I like about the video include the focused introduction from the
presenter. The presenter introduces herself to the audience to enhance the connection and set the
pace for the presentation. Communication is a broad topic, and the author starts by defining
social communication and its importance. She says that social communication is complex and
diverse in human binges compared to other animals. Social communication involves verbal and
non-verbal communication that goes together to enhance the message delivery (TEDx Talks,
2015). The narrator identifies that effective social commination has nonverbal cues supporting
the spoken words. She uses nonverbal cues examples such as smile, posture, and tone variation
to emphasize her point. The move makes it easier for the audience to differentiate between verbal
and non-verbal communication and relate them to their daily lives. I also like the specification on
the percentages both verbal and nonverbal cues play in communication. The presenter says, 93%
of social communication entails nonverbal cues, and only the remaining 7% involves verbal
communication (TEDx Talks, 2015). The point is essential in showing the importance of

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