stalls, sluggish & shifting is off

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My Lexus LS400 stuttered for a few seconds when pulling into a parking lot.  After a meal the car started fine but didn't respond well when I went to pull out onto the road.  The car was very sluggish, not responding to the gas pedal.  Then it stalled going around a corner when I stepped on the pedal and at a stoplight, too.  It also wouldn't shift well, yet when I shifted manually the car ran well through the first three gears.  This car has been running beautifully and the problem occurred like a switch was flipped.  Can someone tell me what's going on with this car?

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This problem may have more causes, but one of the most evident based on your statements above is the Transmition Shifting Solenoid.

Did you spill any drinks on top of the shifter lately, before this problem occurred ?

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