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Informative Paper Annotated Bibliography(75 points)

This week you will submit an annotated bibliography.Your annotated bibliography consists of four annotated sources; two for each side of the debatable topic. For each source, include:

An APA formatted entry for each source.

A summary -What is the main message of this source?

Evaluation -Why is this a credible source? Why is this author credible?

Relevance -How will this source contribute to your research?

Quote -Write down a quote from this source that you plan to use in your informative paper

You will not be making an argument in this paper, however, you must choose a controversial topic to write about as you will be presenting, without revealing bias, two sides to an argument. For example, a popular topic would be the legalization of marijuana. If you were to choose this topic, you would not be arguing that marijuana should be legalized, nor would you be arguing it should remain illegal; instead, you would present the most compelling arguments for both sides to allow your reader to make up his or her own mind after seeing both sides fairly presented.

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2 Are Modern Technologies Eliminating Cultural Differences? Garr, S. S., & Jackson, C. (2019). Diversity & inclusion technology: The rise of a transformative market. Technical report, RedThread Research. Summary: The article focuses on how technology has been used to foster cultural inclusion in the world, especially through global markets. According to the authors, the variation in cultures, beliefs, values, language, nationalism, and ethnicity have gapped through the widespread use of technology. People have managed to interact on a large scale sharing their cultural ideologies, values, and practices to other cultures. The article further discusses the capabilities of the new technologies such as communication networks and social medial platforms that have streamlined the way people connect and interact on a larger platform. As a result, cultural inclusivity has been achieved through advanced technological interaction in the world today. Evaluation: The article is a research publication written by authentic researchers Stacia Garr and Carole Jackson who work for Mercer, which is a reputable research company on technology. The information captured in the article are well-verified and up-to-date with current issues experienced in the global market and society as they are affected by technology. Relevancy: The article touched on the impact of technology in promoting cultural diversification, which forms a critical argument in understanding the relationship between culture and modern technology. It addressed the way culture inclusivity has been promoted through technology, which has contributed to the understanding of various applications of technology Quote: “Increasing the understanding of the current state of diversity and inclusion across the entire organization, using both traditional and new metrics” (Garr & Jackson, 2019). 2 Topic: Should universities be liable for failing to properly investigate sexual harassment accusations? Green, E. L. (2020, May 6). De Vos's rules bolster rights of students accused of sexual misconduct. The New York Times. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/06/us/politics/ campus-sexual-misconduct-betsy-devos.html?auth=login-google. Summary: The Obama Administration observed a recurring pattern of complaints regarding sexual misconduct in schools; however, the schools were mishandling the issues and didn't fol- low the Title IX regulations. Schools are required to investigate sexual misconduct accusations that have occurred at school property or student organization buildings and are followed up by jurisdiction, however, those rules don't apply for the students studying abroad and events that happen off-campus. The new and final regulations aid those who have experienced sexual ha- rassment, violence, or assault which means shouldn't have to confront their assailant; instead, allowing the lawyers and advisers to handle and take care of the situation. Evaluation: This source is credible considering Erica L. Green is a reliable is a journalist who reveals news on the U.S. Department of Education and the secretary of education, Betsy DeVos. She has done many reports on education, and mainly writes about educational equality; addition- ally, she has achieved first place at the Education Writers Associations in 2018 National Rewards for Education Reporting. She has written many topics on education such as, discrimina- tion in schools, school violence, journals covering school funding, and sexual harassment accu- sations. Green investigated many different schools, wanting and bringing justice and fairness for all schools. 3 Relevance: This source supports why colleges and universities shouldn't be liable for investigat- ing sexual harassment accusations due to schools only being obligated to investigate those who have filed through a certain formal process. This source explains the idea that, until the case has ended, schools aren't allowed to give consequences or take disciplinary actions on the student that was accused of sexual harassment. However, schools are allowed to expel any student who present a risk to the campus or school community. Quote: “The rules also limit the complaints that schools are obligated to investigate to only those filed through a formal process and brought to the attention of officials with the authority to take corrective action, not other authority figures like residential advisers.” (Green, 2020). US Department of Education (ED). (2020, January 10). Sexual harassment guidance. Home. https://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/docs/sexhar00.html. Summary: The following source from the US Department of Education contains a sexual ha- rassment guide for all schools worldwide. The Office for Civil Rights have observed the amount of sexual harassment accusations they've received through students about other fellow students; unexpectedly, school staff and employees as well. One of the most important and first priorities of the Office of Civil Rights is to try and abolish all sexual harassment and discrimination occurring at schools amongst students. Both male and female experience sexual- harassment; therefore it is important for follow the Guidance because it can hinder and give a negative result to their academic performance. Evaluation: The US Department of Education is a reliable and credible source considering my research paper is about handling sexual harassment accusations in colleges and universities. This
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Gender identity and sports annotated bibliography


Gender identity and sports annotated bibliography
Abad, F. (2015). Transgender Women in Sports: Should They Be Allowed to Compete
against Women. In Sports Global Influence: A Survey of Society and Culture in the
Context of Sport (pp. 87-96). Brill. https://doi.org/10.1163/9781848883871_010
Summary: The author's research on the global influence of sports on transgender
acknowledges segregations in multiple sports events, especially when it comes to
transgender individuals. Transgender sportspeople experience pressure from sporting
companies and events to either participates as men or women against their will and
Evaluation: The research journal explains the gender perceptions against female
transgender sports participants. The examinations of parallels resulting from the current
plight against transgender provide an opportunity to resolve the issue. The journal
provides concrete information by capturing sporting processes to determine sports
modification, mediations, and instrumentation of sport for all gender ac...

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