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My Topic is: Implementing flexible scheduling

Assume that the company you work for is Bernstein's Provisions, which sells food products and ready to cook meals wholesale and retail throughout the United States. After you chooses a topic, I will provide you with an appropriate company profile.

Write one short paragraph about why you decided on the selected topic.

Write one paragraph about how you think you might approach the topic (reflect the reading here about the goal you have for the topic [see Chapter 4]) Here is the URL for Chapter 4:

Format your paragraph consistent with APA guidelines. Practice good paragraph structure and concision.

Submit your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document to the Assignment Files tab and include your last name and first initial in the file name with a short assignment name(My file would be called "BernsteinD_topic").

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Implementing Flexible Scheduling


Implementing Flexible Scheduling
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Implementing Flexible Scheduling


In the United States department labor, a flexible work schedule is viewed as an alternative work
schedule to the traditional 9-5, 40-hour work week. Instead, a flexible employees have the space
to vary their arrival and departure time in the workplace. Under the flexible work scheduling the
employees are not mandated to work for a fixed period of time in order to get a pay in return,
rather the employer makes arrangements with the employees on the work schedules on the time
they will complete their tasks. The reason why is chos...

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