What are all of the organs.the human body has

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all the organs we humans have 

Jan 9th, 2015

Sensory organs

The peripheral organs of the special senses

The organs of taste

The organ of smell

The organ of sight

The tunics of the eye

The refracting media

The accessory organs of the eye

The organ of hearing

The external ear

The middle ear or tympanic cavity

The auditory ossicles

The internal ear or labyrinth

Peripheral terminations of nerves of general sensations

The common integument


The respiratory apparatus

The larynx

The trachea and bronchi

The pleurae

The mediastinum

The lungs

The digestive apparatus

The mouth

The fauces

The pharynx

The esophagus

The stomach

The small intestine

The large intestine

The liver

The pancreas

The urogenital apparatus

Development of the urinary and generative organs

The urinary organs

The kidneys

The ureters

The urinary bladder

The male urethra

The female urethra

The male genital organs

The testes and their coverings

The ductus deferens

The vesiculae seminales

The ejaculatory ducts

The penis

The prostate

The bulbourethral glands

The female genital organs

The ovaries

The uterine tube

The uterus

The vagina

The clitoris

Bartholin's glands

The external organs

The mammae

The ductless glands

The thyroid gland

The parathyroid glands

The thymus

The hypophysis cerebri

The pineal body

The chromaphil and cortical systems

The spleen

The endocrine system

The Pituitary gland

The Pineal

The Thyroid

The Parathyroid

The adrenal

The Islets of Langerhans

The skeletal system

The Carpus

The collar bone

The thigh bone

The Fibula

The humerus mandible

The metacarpus

The metatarsus

The ossicles

The Patella

The Phalanges

The Radius

The skull

The Tarsus

The Tibia

The ulna

The Rib

The Vertebra

The pelvis

The sternum

The Cartilage


Jan 9th, 2015

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Jan 9th, 2015
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