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Ethics is involved in every decision you make; it requires you to make the right versus the wrong choice based on a set of values and criteria. It is a given that ethical leadership—both at a personal level and an institutional level—should be demonstrated in higher education institutions. For this discussion, think of an ethical dilemma or conflict that an administrator, department, or institution may face given competing priorities and interests. This may be a dilemma that you or a colleague have experienced in the past, or you may construct one based on your knowledge of financial management in higher education.

Post your description of the dilemma, including who and what the conflict involved, what the ethical response should have been, and what values and considerations guided your decision. Be sure to support your response with references to this week’s Learning Resources and personal references where applicable.

Required Readings

Gunn, B. (1995). The paradigm shift in university management. The International Journal of Educational Management, 9(1), 28–40.
Library using the Education Research Complete database:
Focus on how dysfunctionality, malpractice, and manipulation have impacted management systems and what new management systems need to improve performance standards and accountability.

Soule, E. (2005). Embedding ethics in business and higher education: From leadership to management imperative (Research Report). Washington, DC: Business-Higher Education Forum.
Focus on the existing approaches to the management and oversight of organizational ethics and proposed strategies for improving ethical performance.

Curren, R. (2008). Cardinal virtues of academic administration. Theory and Research in Education, 6(3), 337–363.
Cardinal Virtues of Academic Administration by Curren, R. in Theory and Research in Education, 6(3). Copyright 2008 by Sage Publications, Ltd. Reprinted by permission of Sage Publications, Ltd., via the Copyright Clearance Center.
Focus on the identified elements of a comprehensive ethic of academic administration and the concept of integrity in academic administration.

Required Media

"Ethics and Financial Leadership"
John Palmucci and Larry Goldstein discuss various ethical scenarios that department managers may face. Focus on how they think through and determine an appropriate course of action.

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Ethical Dilemma in Workplace
Student’s Name:



The case involves a relative of mine who was working with an automotive manufacturing
company as part of the management team as a board of director. Later in 2017, the Company
admitted to three felony including defrauding the government, violation of import rules, and
violation of environmental policies, wire fraud and obstructions of justice. In particular, the
company pled guilty to a felony of emission. The company proclaimed making billions yet was
facing bankruptcy crisis because they w...

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