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As a web master of college website, You share a server with other school departments such as accounting and HR.

Based on this chapter, create at least five security related rules for staff members who are adding web pages being added to your site. Include a justification and explanation for each rule. Rules should relate to college, staff and student, and system information security.


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Computer Science
It is a great honor to publish at the user's website, which is indeed availed to customers
within Human Recourse and Accounting departs in a school. Hence, it takes individual and
professional ethical behavior to act accountable while using the same. The guidelines, as well as
rules, are as described in the subsequent section below.
The first rule would concern copyright. It is not advisable to expose and post copyright
items unless such is necessary; otherwise, such qualifies as an act of crime, hence should not be
implemented within the U.S. (Patel, Brijesh G., et al. 1-15).
Reputation is very important, and one needs to broadcast or publish such contents, which
would probably characterize oneself, the institution, or any person associated with such into
disrespect (Wood, Lehdonvirta, and Graham 104). Accordingly, this should particularly be
seriously considered and always observed that anything that one uploads or publishes would
definitely be exposed to users and viewers, hence exposing the college to problematic situations.
Authenticity is vital; hence, one must present actual facts on web pages and in different
areas such as log-in sever pages and take good care of such credentials not to fall into the hand of
a third party as such would comprise the authenticity.

Privacy and sensitivity are one of the most important features of a web page. It is
important to acknowledge and respect others' private space in this context. In case one wishes to
use other people's logins, it is appropriate to do so through their consent. On the same note,

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