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. Describe a specific research idea and how you would go about studying that idea. Remember to include the variables involved, a potential hypothesis, possible methods, and the statistical tests needed to analyze your data. Find a published article in a research journal to support your idea.

Do you need to find an articles discussed in recent issues of professional peer-reviewed journals?

To identify the journal or journals you browse, you can use "library services" or journal websites to see what recent topics have been discussed in journals.

Some journals you may look at include: American Journal of Psychology, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, British Journal of Psychology, Evolution and Human Behavior, Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, Behavior Research and Therapy, Psychopharmacology, Behavioral Pharmacology, European Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, Journal of Experimental Psychology, Learning and Memory, Neuropharmacology

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Personality Traits and Music Preference: Study Proposal- Outline
Thesis Statement: The purpose of this study will be to research whether there is a connection
between music preferences and personalities of college students.
I. Introduction
A. A person’s personality refers to the characteristics outlining their thinking,
feeling, and behavior towards others
II. Variables and hypothesis
A. The main variables for this research will be personality types on the one hand and
music preferences on the other.
B. The null hypothesis is that there is no correlation between personality types and
music preferences.
III. Methods
A. The study will be a quantitative correlational research.
B. The second part of the experiment will include listening to music with the five
different factors according to Rentfrow et al. (2011).
IV. Statistical tests
A. Statistical analysis will be conducted using Chi-Square test
B. The analysis will be conducted using the Stati...

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