Week 5 DB either 3-4 or 5-7 paragraphs-- I will advise

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This is the one that has 5-7 paragraphs in the header.  I sent the Prof. an email.  I will let you know what she says.  I accidentally sent #4 via message.  I am learning, thanks for the anticipated patience.  I resent it the right way, you should have all 4 now.

Write 3–4 paragraphs that address the following points:

  • Provide some tips that you plan to use for effectively presenting your research findings and proposed solution to your specific audience. 
  • How would you determine who your audience is?
  • What would you choose as your method of presentation (e.g., lecture format, informal question & answer session, hybrid of more than one method, etc.)? Explain why would you choose that method.
  • In your answer, be sure to share with your peers how you would present your research statement, and provide a rationale for choosing that method.

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