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Managerial accounting can be a complex job. As you learned in this week’s practice assignment, many different calculations need to be completed to assist an organization with its financial statements.

Write a 250-word response reflecting on your experience making the calculations from the practice assignment. In your reflection, share your thoughts on the activities within this week’s readings. Consider how calculating financial statements will help drive effective business decisions.

Address the following questions within your response:

  • Which calculations were challenging for you? Why?
  • Which ratios were difficult to understand?
  • What will you do differently in the following weeks?

If you did not have any challenges, respond to the following questions:

  • What prepared you for these calculations?
  • What advice would you give a classmate who needs assistance?

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Managerial Accounting
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Managerial Accounting

The activities within this week’s readings have been interesting to learn and challenging
at the same time. They are significant in preparing us for what to expect in our managerial
accounting jobs. Calculating financial statements influences the making of effective decisions
considering that it informs the firm of its financial status at a certain time. Thus, as per the
financial statement report, they make recommendations to ensure better performance. The
calculations we performed in our practice assignment posed significant challenges to me in
particular aspects of capital budgeting and trend analysis and forecasting. In capital budgeting,
I had specific challenges regarding developing straightforward calculations of net present value
and internal rate of return (“Corporate Finance Institute,” n. d.). These are essential calculations
that help managers decide on new capital budgeting. As such, my challenge would pose a
problem in...

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