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Question 2 (Suggested time-40 minutes. This question counts as one-third of the total essay section score.) Taking care 2. In the following passage from Cormac McCarthy's novel The Crossing (1994), the narrator describes a dramatic experience. Read the passage carefully. Then, in a well-organized essay, show how McCarthy's techniques convey the impact of the experience on the main character. By the time he reached the first talus' slides under (35) with it and coaxed it back and fed the wood he'd the tall escarpments of the Pilares the dawn was not far to come. He reined the horse in a grassy swale and gathered. He looked for the horse but could not see it. The coyotes were still calling all along the stone stood down and dropped the reins. His trousers were ramparts of the Pilares and it was graying faintly in stiff with blood. He cradled the wolf in his arms and the eas. He squatted over the wolf and touched her lowered her to the ground and unfolded the sheet. She (40) fur. He touched the cold and perfect teeth. The eye was stiff and cold and her fur was bristly with the tumed to the fire gave back no light and he closed it blood dried upon it. He walked the horse back to the with his thumb and sat by her and put his hand upon creek and left it standing to water and scouted the her bloodied forehead and closed his own eyes that banks for wood with which to make a fire. Coyotes Che could see her running in the mountains, running were yapping along the hills to the south and they in the starlight where the grass was wet and the sun's were calling from the dark shapes of the rimlands coming as yet had not undone the rich matrix of above him where their cries seemed to have no origin creatures passed in the night before her. Deer and other than the night itself hare and dove and groundvole all richly empaneled He got the fire going and lifted the wolf from the on the air for her delight, all nations of the possible sheet and took the sheet to the creek and crouched in (50) world ordained by God of which she was one among the dark and washed the blood out of it and brought it and not separate from. Where she ran the cries of the back and he cut forked sticks from a mountain hack- coyotes clapped shut as if a door had closed upon them berry and drove them into the ground with a rock and and all was fear and marvel. He took up her stiff head hung the sheet on a trestlepole where it steamed in out of the leaves and held it or he reached to hold what the firelight like a burning scrim standing in a wilder- (55) cannot be held, what already ran among the moun- ness where celebrants of some sacred passion had tains at once terrible and of a great beauty, like flowers been carried off by rival sects or perhaps had simply that feed on flesh. What blood and bone are made of fled in the night at the fear of their own doing He but can themselves not make on any altar nor by any pulled the blanket about his shoulders and sat shiver- wound of war. What we may well believe has power ing in the cold and waiting for the dawn that he could (60) to cut and shape and hollow out the dark form of the find the place where he would bury the wolf. Affer a world surely if wind can, if rain can. But which can- while the horse came up from the creek trailing the not be held never be held and is no flower but is swift wet reins through the leaves and stood at the edge of and a huntress and the wind itself is in terror of it and the fire. the world cannot lose it. He fell asleep with his hands palm up before him like some dozing penitent. When he woke it was still dark. The fire had died to a few low flames seething over the coals. He took off his hat and fanned the fire 1 A sloping mass of rock debris at the base of a cliff 2 Steep slopes GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE 33
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