1999 Chevy Suburban

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What would prevent a 1999 chevy suburban from starting after head been repaired and everything put back together? It has power and turns over but will not start

Nov 2nd, 2013
I still think "everything put back together" is an over statement, because if everything were properly put back together, it should fire right up.

1. Check and make sure the crank sensor has been re-installed properly
2. Check mass air sensor
3. Check throttle positioning sensor
4. Check the fuel delivery system and make sure you are getting the proper pressure.
5. Check for the spark..

Now the possible internal problem during engine assemble.

1. Was the crankshaft and the camshaft dialed to Top Dead Center position prior to install the timing chain?
2. Was the timing gear lined up as recommended by Chevrolet?

If any of the above were not observed properly, I doubt it , this vehicle will start.

If everything is well, do the following,

1. Loosen up the distributor bolts
2. Have someone start the engine
3. While the engine is cranking, rotate the distributor slowly either up or down. If the motor fires up and start, let it warm up a little and then set the engine to recommended ignition timing.

Nov 2nd, 2013

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Nov 2nd, 2013
Nov 2nd, 2013
Oct 18th, 2017
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