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  • Prompt: Reflect on the steps you have taken in the data collection process and select 10-12 of the most relevant and important steps.  Include permissions obtained from public or private entities and/or individuals, steps related to conducting an online survey such as creating a SurveyMonkey account, etc.  If applicable, explain the process of developing and coordinating interviews.  List the steps in chronological order with brief 3-4 sentence explanations of each step.  These steps should become the foundation for the Data Collection section in the Methodology chapter of your project. 

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Data Collection
Data collection forms a basis for research work since the information obtained is
analyzed to draw meaningful conclusions. The results obtained can be used to evaluate the
relationship of independent and dependent variables under study. Data collection steps are
elaborate and need to be adhered to in order to effectively obtain information from target
population. The standard process serves as a template to be used for any method of data
Defining the objective of data collection
The gap that calls for data collection has to be clear and this forms a basis for data
collection. This is also dependent of the entity where data will be collected since policies
differ and may affect the manner in which the respondents will behave. Organizational
culture also has a contribution towards the responsiveness. Once the researcher has outlined
the issues and evaluated the possibilities you proceed to the next step (Bhandari, 2021).
Planning for the process
This entails mobilized resources that may be needed for data collection exercise. This
entails approaching donors, government for grants, research institutions among other
interested parties. This makes it easy to run logistics in the data collection operations (Pereira,
Obtaining permission
Once that data collections goals and objectives have been set and the target
organization or individuals have been identified; its important to obtain a go ahead from the
authorities. This ensures buy-in in the process and enhances responsiveness since it will be


Data Collection
communicated by the superiors to all levels of management. The researcher can present a
request for data collection to the executiv...

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