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Find a two-minute clip on any debate aired on the news in the last year.

  • Provide a link to the clip and address the following:
  • What is the context of the argument being made?
  • Identify at least two or three rhetorical devices used during this debate and explain their effect on the audience. Do you think the speakers use these intentionally? If so, for what purpose? If not, explain your reasoning.

In addition to your inital post, respond to at least two peers by checking their work. Were their explanations and examples clear and accurate? Identify any problems/errors in their logic or explain why you agree with their rationale. 

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Work Ethic Debate
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Work Ethic Debate.
In this video Smerconish debates on the legitimacy of the claim that work ethic in
America is dying. Smerconish argues that the claim is significantly true based on the fact that the
employment rate has grown significantly because job creation by the government has slowed
down (CNN, 2021). Additionally, he argues that the government offer of enhanced
unemployment benefits has led to the general sluggishness people have in securing jobs.
The video’s title is a rhetorical question aimed at provoking the audience to think deeply
about the subject matter. In the video, Smerconish also starts with a rhetorical question, asking
“is anyone still working for the week.” In essen...

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