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Regulatory agencies are the physical manifestation of health care legislation. Each agency has a specific mission that is carried out under the authority of Congress.

Choose a health care organization of interest to you. Write at least  900 word paper that addresses the following:

  1. Describe the purpose, mission, and goals of this health care organization. Provide an overview of the type of health care organization and the community it serves.
  2. Identify the regulating agencies that oversee the organization. What are the specific responsibilities assigned to regulating agencies? How do regulating agencies support health care and the stakeholders in health care?
  3. Identify a health care issue/topic relevant for this organization (workplace safety, patient safety, quality, fraud and abuse, injury, etc.). Discuss the relevance of this issue or topic for the organization.
  4. Describe the role of the organization or administrator in compliance. What are the actions a health care administrator takes to comply with health care legislation?

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The Apollo Hospital

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Purpose, Mission, and Goals of Apollo Hospital
Apollo Hospitals are a group of hospitals with excellent and dedicated essential specialties.
And super specialties. They have distinguished and state-of-the-art centers that are distributed
across several locations. At Apollo, they have taken as their responsibility to offer highquality medical care to all their clients. By putting their clients at the center of their
operations, they have established quality standards for diagnosis and treatment with advanced
infections and safety guidelines to offer their clients the most suitable treatment.
Population, or stakeholders that Apollo Hospitals are committed to serving
Apollo is one of the leading groups of hospitals and pharmaceutical centers in India. It has
about 64 branches with over 10,000 beds. It also has over 100 primary health care clinics. It
also offers telemedicine in other countries. It also has a notable research foundation that
focuses on global clinical trials and studies in epidemiology (Apollo Hospital, 2020).
Identification of the regulating agencies that oversee Apollo Hospitals
1. The Indian Council of Research (ICMR)
This is among the oldest medical research bodies in the world. (ICMR), has its
headquarters inNew Delhi, and it is the highest body in India for the coordination promotion
and formulation of medical research. Its roles are:

To ensure that researchers are fully aware of the study, the effect and danger of such
study and that researchers maintain the right to abstain from further research
participation, which they find ethically or morally unacceptable.


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