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Contracts For The Sale Of Goods.docx (Need to be revised at Case Analysis section) --> STRICTLY FOLLOW THE RULE ON CHAPTER 8 ONLY !  On this paper, my guess was it used other citattion & references (not allowed).  

CHAPTER 8 - Contracts for the Sale of Goods (PAGE 202, QUESTION 5) 

Refer to the online UCC at and read the "Theory to Practice" section on page 202 at the end of Chapter 8 of the text. Using information from the text and the wording of the online UCC sections.  

Make sure you include an introduction and conclusion to QUESTION #5 and adhere to APA paper guidelines. This is a formal paper with no word count requirements. 100% Plagiarism free Original work.  

*********Important --> My instructor is very strict on grammatical error, sentence structure and "citation needed" for using in-text citation. Please PAY EXTRA ATTENTION to these details as required.   *****

Please let me know if you have any concerns/questions.  Thank you.

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