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. Consider a class ScienceFairProjectRating that will be used to help 

judge a science fair project. 

The attributes for the new class are:

·  The name of the project

·  A unique identification string for the project

·  The name of the person

·  A rating for the creative ability (max. 30)

·  A rating for the scientific thought (max. 30)

·  A rating for thoroughness (max. 15)

·  A rating for technical skills (max. 15)

·  A rating for clarity (max. 10)

It will have methods to

·  Get the number of judges

·  Get all the ratings for a particular project

·  Return the total of the rating for a particular project

·  Return the maximum total rating possible

·  Return a string showing a projects rating in a format suitable for display

Nov 3rd, 2013
i will do this
Nov 3rd, 2013

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Nov 3rd, 2013
Nov 3rd, 2013
Dec 3rd, 2016
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