Compare and contrast society during the early Renaissance in Europe to contemporary society, writing homework help

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Topic: Compare and contrast society during the early Renaissance in Europe to contemporary society

Create a proposal of 2 pages that references one academic scholarly source for the research project you intend to complete. This project should engage at least one academic source, should include an introduction and thesis to the best extent that you know it at this point in time, and should locate a central controversy that requires deft and subtle handling. Be sure to adhere to APA style for in-text citation and final reference page. (No cover page is needed.)

Guidelines for the Proposal: A proposal offers a detailed and full description of your project (as best you know it at the time of writing) in no more than 2 pages. To succeed, students will need to find at least one source of information related to the topic. Understand that you are making a best effort to describe your project early on, but allow yourself to be open to growth and change as you conduct research and focus your intentions.

See Template Proposal attached for further guidance.

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Early Renaissance in Europe vs. Contemporary Society

In this paper, the major point of discussion is the comparison and contrast between the
modern society and the early renaissance in Europe. Over time, there are tremendous changes
that have occurred. The changes can be attributed to a revolution in the technology and other
aspects of life. The changes are inevitable and everyone should find a way of adjusting to fit
in. Even though there have been tremendous changes, some factors have remained constant
over time. Essentially, the paper will involve examining the differences and similarities
between the two periods. The thesis statement is that there is some ...

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