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Social-cognitive theories of personality posit that your cognitions (e.g., your beliefs), environment, and behavior all influence one another through reciprocal determinism.

Describe a situation in which your self-efficacy—your belief that you could achieve something—was a primary reason why you were able to achieve a goal.

  • How did environmental and behavioral factors      interact with your self-efficacy in this situation?

Your locus of control is your belief about how much control you have over what happens to you. Describe a situation in which you displayed an internal locus of control in order to achieve a goal.

  • How did environmental and behavioral factors      interact with your locus of control in this situation?


The Social Psychology chapter describes different techniques used to effectively persuade others.

  • Discuss two experiences you have      had with salespeople who tried to use the strategies described in this      section.
  • Label the strategy (e.g., central route      persuasion, peripheral route persuasion, foot-in-the-door,      door-in-the-face, lowball technique, etc.) and explain how it was used.
  • Were you persuaded? Why or why not?


The research on attraction patterns comes to some strong conclusions about what attracts partners to each other as couples. Some of the major findings: Men who seek women prioritize looks; women who seek men prioritize ability to provide resources; and everyone prioritizes intelligence, kindness, honesty, and sense of humor.

  • How does your own personal experience match      with these research results?
  • Do these findings describe who you are      attracted to?
  • Do they describe who your friends find      themselves attracted to?
  • Do they describe the reasons why others are      attracted to you?

In your answers, refer to other research about attraction discussed in Chapter 13.

IMPORTANT: Only write what you are comfortable sharing with the whole class, do not make biased statements about social groups, and make sure you are respectful of those with experiences different than your own.

Responsd to the following posts

post 1

One time I can think of where my self-efficiency helped me achieve a goal is with the current job I have now. I called my workplace several days before applying and talked to the manager, with whom I got along with. After establishing a connection with him already, I knew that during the interview process all I had to do was be myself. I was really confident in my ability to achieve the goal of getting the job, which I did.

I believe I have a pretty high level of internal locus of control anyway, but one moment that comes to mind is weight loss. I played soccer my freshman year of high school and I was in great shape. Unfortunately, I was injured and still can't really run or anything like I used to be able to. So, I stopped all my sports and started to gain weight. I was also going through some depression at the time so that added onto everything. However, my senior year I stopped blaming external factors for everything and decided to take it upon myself to lose the weight and I lost about 35 pounds, which I was really happy with. 

post 2

One of my first sales expierence was in Mexico. I just walked out of a bar and a promoter wanted me to go to another club or bar. He did the lowball technique on offering us a free table if we go. Once we got there we found out that we had to pay cover and even pay for drinks that were way to expsensive. He got us in the door but little did we know that it was just a low ball to something bigger. I was persuaded because i thought i was getting something free.

Another sales expierence I had is when I was at home, I had someone come ring my door trying to sell doorbells. I did a job similar a couple years ago selling pest control door to door. Now this kid did exactly what i was told when selling. Dont be too close to the door. Kinda spread your legs out as stance to appear smaller then the other guy. He had a good pitch but i was not persuaded because of my past expierences. 

Post 3

As a bisexual woman, I would seem to fall somewhere between "women who seek men" and "everyone else" in my priorities when going by attraction patterns. Personally, however, I do feel more as though I fall into the "everyone else" category in terms of my looking for intelligence, kindness, honesty, sense of humor, and companionship more than looks or ability to provide. Looking at my current partner, I definitely see that they fit in with that intelligence, kindness, and so on. I feel that for my LGBTQIA+ friends, they all fall in a similar range. For my straight friends, I see that women are attracted to looks almost as much as men, although I can definitely say that in my experience with men, they often base nearly everything off of looks when they are looking for experiences outside of a relationship, and then fall between looks and nice people when they are seeking something long term. I believe that the people attracted to me, thinking of my current partner, almost look to me as someone who can provide such as women tend to look at men as well as someone possessing desirable traits. 

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1. Self-Efficacy
I was able to achieve significantly because of my self-efficacy. I was able to do well in one
of my previous courses because of my self-efficacy. I took a class on Engineering after being
convinced that I would do well. I gave it my best despite the challenges. In the end, I exceeded
my expectations and the expectations of everyone who knew me because they know me as
weak in Mathematics and Physics. Environmental and behavioral factors interacted with the
self-efficacy in my achieving the goal. Technology played a significant role because I could
read and comp...

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