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Entrepreneurship Video Discussion To get the course going :-) Please watch any or all of the following videos. Then post which video you watched? What aspects of the video you enjoyed? What did you find most interesting? Any other information you think is relevant. This counts towards our first discussion post grades :-) and is fairly straightforward :-) Here is the link of second video which I’m prefer to watch. And I need reply another three students post. by Kelly Salsman - Wednesday, 7 July 2021, 8:45 PM I chose to watch video discussion 2. I enjoyed the diverse backgrounds of each of the speakers and the various experiences they each brought to the panel was extremely interesting. Despite their differing backgrounds as far as education, community involvement and work experience they all shared the same insights into being an entrepreneur that it involves courage, a willingness to take the leap, being able to continuously create and adapt to change and growth. They each emphasized the importance of becoming involved in the community to learn skills that will help in the running of your business as well as attending social events to network with those who can provide insight into your ideas or to help grow your business. One of the speakers stated "Work for your dreams, rather then someone else's" and that to me is the heart of entrepreneurship. by Dennis Cormier - Wednesday, 7 July 2021, 8:51 PM Good evening, I chose to watch the second video Careers as an Entrepreneur November 2nd 2016. What I found interesting in this video was how each of the panelist did not go into a business that directly correlated with their fields of study. What I interpreted from each of the speakers was how their educations from their respective fields and their experiences in the jobs and life helped them develop skills, knowledge, and opportunities that they had which may have been the driving force to start their businesses. (MSVUBusiTour, 2016) In summary, What I got from that was their degrees were not the reason why they got their current positions in business but was strong asset to their overall skill development. I enjoyed how Casellis spoke about his passion for his business and how the financial gains of entrepreneurship were not important to him. I think this really shows how he loves what he does because of everything he takes on such as the financial risks from leveraging credit, the amount of growth and change and how much time he puts into his business. (MSVUBusiTour, 2016) Would this be the spirit of entrepreneurship? Doing something you love because you are passionate about it not because of the financial rewards. Its I think that is more enriching in life than to have a high paying job that you tolerate. Something I found very relevant from this presentation was when the panelists were asked about betterment. Chris’s point he brought up was working hard or more specifically how many of the people he has worked with over the years chose to “work hard at not working hard”. I think that this is an important point to keep in mind because I believe this mind set is a risk. (MSVUBusiTour, 2016) An example for that is if someone gets into a job that they like because it is comfortable and not challenging. This may cause people to become complacent. I believe this limits the number of opportunities people will have to develop themselves because there is no drive and worse might make people less elastic for change. Maybe in 20 years these comfortable jobs will disappear and perhaps the skills for these jobs will not be relevant in the future. That is why I believe working hard will always be important maybe not for the present jobs, but for future opportunities. Overall, I think this was a good presentation. There was a lot of good insight and wisdom each of these entrepreneurs shared. by Wen Wen - Saturday, 10 July 2021, 3:52 AM Good morning, I chose to watch the second video, in particular, Debbie impresses me. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Debbie was in the comfort zone, which means she lived in an environment that she was familiar with and good at. Everything was under control, and she felt relaxed and at ease. But she took the initiative to break out of her comfort zone and follow her heart into entrepreneurship. I'm sure it was a braver and harder decision than it sounds, because going out of your comfort zone means unknown and variable, and psychologically speaking, people are always afraid of what they can't see. To be honest, when a person gets into a comfort zone, it takes a tremendous effort to get out again, both mentally and physically, and in particular, the longer it takes the more difficult the psychological struggle. Therefore, I really admire her courage and firmness. She knows exactly what she wants and knows how to give up, which I still need to keep exploring and learning. By the way, I think getting out of your comfort zone is not about making yourself uncomfortable. It's about opening up new comfort zones and preparing for future opportunities.
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Entrepreneurship Video Discussion
For this discussion, I chose to watch the second video presenting a panel on ‘Careers as an
Entrepreneur November 2nd, 2016.’ The panel comprises four individuals representing various
organizations ready to share their insights and experiences.
One of the aspects of the video I found most interesting was the answers to the question,
‘’what led you to that position?’’ and Christopher web impressed me the most. The section is
enjoyable since it makes it clear that the entrepreneurial road is not smooth. People have to get
out of their comfort positions and venture into a niche. Chris’s presentation is extremely
enjoyable. As a political science graduate, his passion was painting. While painting, he would
look around the walls and discover something, and those experiences gave birth to Paria Gallery
Express Bar. Experience matters most. The same case applies to Debbie, ...

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