Transmission or transmission fluid?

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I drove My car for eight years with no major problems. I was doing the oil chance service on time. However, this last two months, I am really frustrated with it cause last month I spent for the tune up every thing & with in a month again faced with the transmission issue. 

Now my question is, is the problem with the fluid or with the transmission? While I was driving fine, in the middle of a street I hear a sound of "clicking" & then the car slows its speed even I really press the gas. Following that, I smell like burning rubber. I move to curb side & look from outside, nothing seen broken. When I put the gear to reverse & press the gas, it doesn't move. When I put the gear to drive, it drive slow by dragging the back tire. Later, I notice the two back tire are locked up when we try to rotate with Neutral gear & lifted with jack.

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Possibly a transmission problem. To confirm that it is transmission, drain the transmission fluid and take the pan. Look for any metal shavings and debris. If you see metal shavings and debris, it is more likely the transmission.

Did you use the proper fluid for the car? Different automotive manufacturer have their own types of transmission fluid recommendation.

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