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To be a community leader is someone who is very involved in the community and has a following of people who want to be involved as well but also want to help the community. I think a community leader is someone who can also manage difficult situations with those around them and the people in the community. This is a good tool for managers and community leaders to have because it helps with difficult conversations and helps focus on the interest and understanding of everyone (Fernandez, 2008). These leaders are the ones having difficult conversations. Examples of leaders in public health are faith-based organizations, schools, health agencies and centers, businesses, and more (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, n.d.). Examples I see in the community of community leaders are people in the Lions Club, for example. The president is the one in charge of the club and the ultimate decision-maker when it comes to all of the projects that are done within the community and the club.

I think my practicum right now hits a lot of the core functions in leadership. It has taught me how to become a community leader as my mentor has me being the direct contact when it comes to everything. I also watch and observe how she, as well as her team, are in the community to learn from them as well. Right now, my practicum is trying to figure out what project to put me on, but one program specifically talks about developing and creating the vision for the community. One of the projects has to do with people in the community filling out a questionnaire and seeing what the communities' feedback is, not only on what questions were asked but how they were asked. The team has also indicated that these questionnaires will change based on what culture or community we are trying to focus on. I definitely have been overcoming many setbacks in my practicum as it has not been the most organized, and my mentor did not explain very well to her team what I would be doing. I have slowly been able to overcome this and am finally getting a little bit more clarity on what she wants me to do. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we all are learning one way or another in our practicums which is one of the core functions when it comes to leadership. As I indicated, I have hot section1, section 2, section 3, section 4, and section 10, to name a few. These sections have to do with learning how to be a community leader, developing/communicating a vision, discovering/creating possibilities, overcoming setbacks/adversity, and understanding people's needs (Community ToolBox, 2021). Overall, my practicum has been showing more and more of the core functions when it comes to leadership. I hope I am able to hit all sections of the core functions of leadership when it is time for my practicum to end.


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