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  1. The concepts of "social structure" and "social institutions" are two of the most important concepts in the field of sociology. They are considered macrolevel concepts although we may analyze certain aspects of our performance within the social structure and within social institutions at the microlevel. Write a 3-page paper (about 750 words) which illustrates your understanding of these concepts and your ability to analyze your own social and culture life using these concepts.
    1. Identify and define the major elements of social structure as discussed by the author of our text in Chapter 8. Then discuss - describe or provide examples - of these concepts within your life. For example, discuss the 2-3 most important statuses you fill and the roles that go along with those statuses while mentioning important role strains or role conflicts that might accompany those roles. Do the same for groups. What master status do you believe is the most important in your social and cultural life? Elaborate on your answer.
    2. All societies studied by sociologists have exhibited five basic institutions; the societies have varied in the nature and extent of development of these basic institutions but all societies have had them. In addition, modern western societies exhibit a series of minor institutions, so-called because they have not been observed everywhere. Select one major institution and one minor institution in relation to which you can discuss important elements of institutions.
  • What need(s) do the two institutions fill within your cultural context (you may write about your experiences in the United States or your experiences in any other country in which you have had experience)?
  • Describe interrelationships you see between your selected institutions and one other institution in your culture of choice.
  • Discuss any pressures toward social change exhibited in each of these institutions.

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Social Structure and Social Institutions - Outline
I. Major elements of a social structure
A. A social sstructure is patterned social interaction in the society which performs
a definite function as well.
B. The major elements of social structures include statuses, roles, master status,
groups and formal organizations.
C. Social statuses are positions that individuals occupy in the social structure
including family, occupational, social class, age, race sex and ethnicity status.
D. Social roles are the expected behaviors attached to specific statuses in the
social structure.
E. The statuses define who individuals are which is in most cases a result of their
membership in particular groups such as work group, family group,
organization, marriage, club and friendship group.
II. The most important statuses that I fill within the society
A. Include student, child, social work major, middle class and an American.
B. The achieved statuses include student and social work major while ascribed
statuses include child, middle class and an American.
C. As a student there are several roles attached to my status, including attending
classes, appreciating my teachers’ insights, understanding important aspects
about the society and doing my assignments.
D. My roles as a child including helping my parents at home, being obedient and
learning from my parents and other family members.
E. I am a middle class American and my role is to actively contribute to the
society by working, being patriotic, following the law and appreciating my
American culture.

F. Being a student comes role strain and demanding roles that sometimes cannot
be met including attending class, studying for exams, helping our parents,
writing papers, engaging in extracurrilar activities among many.
G. My ethnic status influences the way people perceiv...

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