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From the post-event evaluation prepared by the City of Austin summary report of the South by Southwest 2014 extravaganza, and additional cited sources, prepare a script (written text) and Powerpoint presentation (up to seven slides) for a three - minute presentation (roughly 400 words) you would make to the Austin City Council from each of the perspectives identified below:

  • You are the president of the local chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. You argue the tragedy of 2014, past events, the abundance of drunkenness and atmosphere of the event are detrimental to the safety of citizens and the morality of the city. Your presentation will reflect the position of your organization.
  • You are the President of the Austin Chamber of Commerce, addressing the economic benefits of the event, despite inconveniences which may be experience by some. Your presentation will reflect the position of your organization.
  • You are the executive director of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. You are to address the council on the adequacies and deficiencies, with recommendations regarding the responses made considering the multiple death incident at the 2014 event. Your presentation will reflect the position of this regulatory division.

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Perspective A
The president of the local chapter of Mothers against Drunk Drivers wishes to share her
thoughts concerning the much-hyped South West Festival. While the city of Austin has
enormously benefited from the economic impacts of the festival, the few hitches can be rectified
to ensure the safety of its participants and the well-being of the community. The multiplicity of
activities calls for a more participatory approach in dealing with the ever-increasing event
management challenges. The 2011 rowdiness and the 2014 fatal tragedy suggest a dire need to
transform the entire festival experience with the sole aim of protecting lives while encouraging a
culture of enjoyment. In 2014, specifically, the speeding drunk driver who ran into crowds while
escaping police depicted a serious need to regulate alcohol consumption during the festival
(Wynn, 2015).
The danger of driving under the influence of alcohol is not rocket science. However,
studies indicate that some people still drive while intoxicated. Such retrogressive behaviors are
responsible for the increased number of accidents globally and the resulting loss of lives. The
need for educating the public about the effects of excessive alcohol consumption should not be
understated. Festivals are characterized by intense excitement and people end up overusing
alcohol in the name of having fun. The Austin City Council ought to engage all the necessary
stakeholders to tame this vice. Further, the free alcohol length should be limited. As much as
offering free drinks is a promotional technique, it should be noted that humans are gullible to
free things. Studies show that free services register the highest subscriptions. Coupled up with a
festival perspective, its usage is touted to exceed acceptable limits (Horowitz, 2004).


Austin has its roots in being the most livable city. Further, its management has been
superb in the past years. The city's landscape thrives in cultural organizations and creative hubs.
The abundance of drunkenness during festivals threatens the city's morality. Young people are
party enthusiasts because of their high energies. Exposing them to excessive alcohol
consumption not only jeopardizes their health but also reduces the sanity Austin City has enjoyed
over the years. Excessive drinking not only threatens the safety of the affected victims but the
general public as well. Therefore the local chapter against drunk drivers fully supports the
recommendations of the city council. However, we wish to reiterate that the proposals should be
implemented within the shortest time possible. In addition, stringent measures should be put to
curtail drunk driving. Parti...

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