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Globalisation –  the case study of Kellogg – 

how they build strategies from their aims and objectives
 Using the case study on Kellogs ‘objectives and business strategy’, respond to questions 1-4 below:- 
 1. list six examples of ‘brands’. Why is a brand called a ‘powerful tool’ in the case study?
 2. Using a Kellogs product as an example, work around the diagram shown in the introductory section on branding and write a short statement identifying how that product tries to influence consumer choice and confidence.
 3. Explain what is meant by the terms, market share, market segment and market leader? 
 4. What do Kellogs gain by setting SMART business objectives? 
 5. How do objectives help in establishing a business strategy?
 6. The Kellogs strategy would not have worked without good communication. Do you agree? Justify your answer with examples.

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