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6- 8 slides with speaker notes of 200–250 words per slides that relates to the slide. (excluding Title and Reference slides)

3-6 bullets points of a 6-8 words and effective clip art that adds interest to the slide per slide

The presentation should be business appreciate design.

Research and address the elements of organizational effectiveness that will improve interactions in a presentation for senior leaders:

  • Explain the concept of organizational effectiveness, as it relates to the interactions of members.
  • Describe methods used to assess the behaviors and attitudes of organizational members, and apply 1 model in an analysis of your organization.
  • Analyze methods used to improve the behavior and attitudes of organizational members.
  • Propose processes to build teams and manage their different stages of development.
  • Evaluate methods of managing conflict and change within the organization.

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helloo... here is the work...

Team organization, members behavior and
conflict management


Effectiveness refers to the ability to produce a desired
Organizational effectiveness refers to
how best an organization achieves its intended
It shows how well organizations work towards set
It is indicates the organization's degree of achievement
it is gauged using different quantitative figures in
different organizations.
it measures how well profitability compares targeted

Methods of assessing behavior of
organizational members
• organizations are expected to
function well at all levels
• Goal setting for each individual
• Attitude surveys are the best
organizational behavior assessment
• Getting employee responses to the
work situation from an attitude

Methods of improving the
behavior and attitudes of workers
• Goal setting for each individual in
the firm
• Making Improvements in the
Workplace; conducive
• Have a reward system to reward
hardworking employees at various

steps that can be followed to build a
productive team in an organization

Establish leadership; When your employees trust you in
judgment, they work more effectively even in your
Establish strong relationships with employees; Always
learn more information about your team members, their
skill and abilities, their motivation drivers and their
Build strong relationships between employees; As the
teams grow and cooperate more, look into the way they
work together and aim at improving communication and
cooperation between them.
Foster teamwork; When you established relations
between your employees, help them work hand in hand

Change and conflict management

1. Avoiding the change. If the change is
small such that it is not worth adoption.
2. Accommodaion the change. This
allows you to emphasize on the
individuals who are in conflict

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