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Students you will be required to post your YT, Podcast, or Blog web address here for students & I to be able to access.

MUST POST ALL THESE items here on BB, not just in your assignment. NO ATTACHMENTS. Make sure you read your syllabus for the minimum requirements. Here's the requirements to post your items here (on BB in this post):

1) "NAME" put the subject/issue/current event you are discussing in your YT, podcast, or blog (i.e. Immigration Blog, or Gun Control Podcast).

2) In the body area post the website address at the very MUST have it linked so that students can just click on it & go to your address. DOUBLE CHECK YOUR LINK, make sure I can easily access it & that the LINK is correct. If the link is NOT correct I cannot grade, it may be a 0 or points will be deducted.

3) ALL students MUST include a MLA formated list of sources/bibliography with 2 minimum sources (no Wikipedia).

4) Post two questions you want students to answer related to the YT, podcast, & blog. Number each question. Make sure the questions are well worded.


FOCUS on TEXAS in your CE's.

Make sure the link works.

All of the above MUST be in the post, not the podcast/YT video/blog.

**NOTE: that if I CANNOT open your link when I grade your CE's OR if you don't have the proper link then I may NOT grade your work.

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Please view explanation and answer below.Thanks for trusting me with your assignment😎 I hope I'll receive a 5 star review from you as always😇 Feel free to invite me for another task and assignment😀I'm here incase of a question.


The rise of COVID-19 in Texas
According to the Texas Tribune, the COVID-19 positivity rate is at an increasing rate in
the Texas region. With the introduction of the new delta variant, the positivity rate is at an all-time
high in the area since February 2021. This is an alarming trend to the local residents of Texas as
the new highly transmissible variant is ravaging the unvaccinated people here. An estimated 6417
confirmed new infections and another 1895 probable ones as of 22nd June 2021, the positivity rate
has more than doubled from an initial 2.8% to more than 10%. The States hospitals have seen
increased human traffic for the last month. Despite the state leading in vaccination numbers across
the United States, the vaccine administration rates are still declining every month. This is despite
an estimated 52779 COVID-19 vaccine doses being issued daily in the previous weeks. A more
considerable fraction of the residents, around 43%, have still not received the much-needed
vaccine as of 21st July 2021. About 1173 new patients have been hospitalized in the past week,
resulting in 3692 hospitalized Texans due to the coronavirus.
Texans should rally up and head to the hospitals for their vaccines. According to the Texas
Department of State Health Services, around 99.5% of all COVID-19 related casualties in the
state's hospitals were from unvaccinated residents as of 8th February and 14TH July 2021. With
the region taking numerous vaccine varieties, residents should get vaccinated. The only questions
the unvaccinated Texans are being asked is why they haven't been vaccinated yet and what they
are waiting for? The state has allowed everyone from the age of 12 years and above to be
vaccinated for the virus in Texas, regardless of their health status and occupation. This means that
even the homeless, poor, elderly, uninsured, and street urchin can get the vaccine. The only limited
vaccine brand is the Pfizer brand which is only available for young adults between 12 and 17 years


A significant reason why Texans should be vaccinated emanates from the Federal health
officials, which advised residents that have been fully vaccinated can stop wearing face masks and
even disregard the social distancing measures both outdoors and indoors (Texas Health and Human
Services). Finally, normalcy can return to the region's residents; the possibilities are endless.
People can resume sporting events, go out on dates, visit ...

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