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The following exercise allows you to practice group collaboration skills while learning about the strategic digital and social media marketing strategy of the Specialized Bicycle Components (SBC) company.

Review the SBC Overview.

Complete the exercise, Interactive Analysis: Digital and Social Media. A transcript of this interactive exercise is also available.

Consider what you learned in the experience and respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • What is your view of SBC’s strategic marketing strategy?
  • What is your view of SBC’s use of social media for its target market?
  • What were some of your frustrations you noted in the team project throughout the exercise?
  • How would you resolve similar challenges in the workplace?

Vonda Sirls

respond to the following in a minimum of 125words:

SBC’s strategic marketing strategy is a good start. They divided the teams’ responsibilities into the areas of, reviewing the overall current marketing strategy, come up with ways on how to improve in various marketing areas, and investigate new marketing options. The team has a plan that is implementing an audit, research, and analyzation. Those are important steps to a strategic marketing strategy.

SBC’s use of social media as a target market is a way to maximize potential buyers. Social media outlets allow business to reach a high number of people within just moments of posting an ad. Social media allows business to grow their business more rapidly and inexpensively.

What I noted about the team was they did not initially feel like a team. One person was trying to take charge without considering anyone else’s opinion. Another did speak up about his thoughts and the other wanted to speak up but felt like his opinion would not matter.

I would bring everyone together and explain why I have them in the group and what they all could bring to the team. I believe acknowledging everyone’s obvious abilities would assist with eliminating tension. For example, hi team we are here to find strategic marketing strategies for SBC. I am sure you all have great ideas and knowledge that will assist us in accomplishing our goals. Between Gus’ branding knowledge, Marcy’ marketing background, and Andrew’s experience in digital merchandising analyst experience, I think we have a great team.


Earl Levith

respond to the following in a minimum of 125words:

Privacy is a very sensitive domain as it is top concern of the internet generation. If you are doing some marketing via social media, make sure you do not violate privacy rules. Some companies extract Facebook and LinkedIn data to build their email campaigns. This is a cutting-edge sword and requires attention to core concerns. Just a promise of not spamming might not be enough, you need to give unsubscribe option with every message you deliver

Do you think privacy is the primary social media ethical concern?

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Specialized Bicycle Components (SBC) Company Strategic Marketing

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Specialized Bicycle Components company leveraged its strategic marketing for its
success in the competitive fitness and cycling industry. It employed visionary perspectives
concerning biking in the future and its health and fitness benefits. It also engaged a consumeroriented approach to market its product instead of focusing on product costs strategically. The
organization conducted an in-depth analysis of their strategies and implement strategies that
facilitated their operation in the current market.
The company's engagement of...

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