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Part 1 - Defining Imperialism

Read the article about Imperialism from the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Answer the following in at least 5-8 complete sentences.

In your own words, provide a definition for the term imperialism that addresses the four different arguments about the causes and values of imperialism (as mentioned in the article).

  • First argument: Does Imperialism pay?
  • Second argument: Imperialism is the nature of human beings.
  • Third argument: Strategy and security of the region.
  • Fourth argument: Moral grounds- the spread of religion.

Part 2 - Opinion Writing:

  • Based on what you have learned in this unit, as well as from the article, write an introductory paragraph to an essay expressing your opinion on the issue of imperialism. Overall, is imperialism a positive or negative condition and/or policy, and what are some examples to support your position?

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Part 1
Imperialism is defined as the state power, advocacy or practice of the extending power and
dominion significantly by the direct territorial acquisition or by getting economic or political
control of the areas. Imperialism pays a lot to the country because it has found that economical
condition of the country become better due to giving concentration to this process.
Part 2
Imperialism use the power to enhance the performance of the people which showed that it is
moral reprehensible. The most important thing about this concept is that it has been used in
history by different countries including China that is one of the developed country throughout the
world. I have analyzed from reading the article a...

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