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    Discussion questions for the seminar

    1. Discuss the nature of copyright protection. In your answer give the relevant law, reasons for copyright protection, examples of what can be protected by copyright as well as other characteristics of copyright protection. Also explain the meaning of ‘fair dealing’ giving at least four ‘fair dealing’ provisions.

    2. Discuss the nature of trade marks and identify the relevant law. In your answer give appropriate examples of trademarks and with regard to trade mark violation, explain what is meant by the terms ‘infringement’ and ‘dilution’.

    3. Discuss the nature and function of digital rights management technologies giving appropriate examples. Also discuss how these technologies are legally protected and the concerns that they raise.

    Key reading

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The difference between a company name registration and trade mark registration

Further Reading

- Digital Rights Management and Privacy

- Bainbridge, D (2003).Trademark Infringement, The Internet, and Jurisdiction. Journal of Information Law & Technology, 2003(1) 

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