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Braswell v. United States, 487 U.S. 99 (1988)

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Read Case 22.2 on page 569 of the text -->  CHAPTER 22 - Criminal Law & Procedure in Business (BE SURE TO READ THE CHAPTER THOROUGHLY BEFORE ANSWERING ANY OF THE QUESTION BELOW).

Find the court's full opinion on and use the introduction section of your team paper to summarize the facts and issues noted by the court in the case Braswell v. United States, 487 U.S. 99 (1988).

Write a formal paper that responds to these questions:

1. If a corporation has been recognized as a legal “person” for First Amendment purposes, why doesn't the Fifth Amendment protect it too?

2. What if Braswell’s company was a sole proprietorship rather than a corporation?

3. What are the alter ego doctrine and the doctrine of piercing the corporate veil?

4. Would these doctrines help Braswell if he ran his business alone out of his apartment?

5. Intro & Conclusion

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